+1 (682) 331-1495

+1 (682) 331-1495

Harry Hines, Texas, USA

Harry Hines, Texas, USA

The founder started his career as a Graphic Designer and used to design logos and other advertising stuff by hand drawing only. He has 3 decades of  experience in the graphic designing and printing services.

Printing is an integrated attribute that provides quality and flair to a brand, item, or flier while also being the most valuable component that must not be overlooked. Our company offers a wide range of printing services, including product packaging (Cake Boxes, Gift Boxes, Cosmetic Products, Boxes/Label, Perfume Boxes/Label, Spices Boxes/Label, Vape/CBD Label Packaging), merchandise branding for corporate events, and advertising materials such as pamphlets and leaflets.

Offset printing, Digital printing, Leaf printing, Screen printing, Flex printing, Engraving, sublimation, are just a few of the printing solutions we offer. We have been delivering printing solutions to businesses, relieving them of the stress they feel. We will be there for you when you need us the most and will give you our undivided attention. If sustainability is a top priority, we provide a variety of sustainable print materials and sustainable branded items to choose from.

Founder had his own companies in India. He has 3 decades of experience in serving the pharmacy industry, hospitality industry, education industry, health industry, apparel industry, mechanical industry, novelty industry, telecom industry, and many more.

DESIGN STUDIO TXUS LLC is a branding, print and digital design studio for any business industry. We have created significant design experiences that engage with our clients and the community by combining professional expertise with an exceptional personality. Our work attempts to meet our shared desire for knowledge, inspiration, and connection while also benefiting the people we work with. The materials, media, and interactions used in our work are diverse.

We have been delivering branding solutions such as print or digital to different business segments across industry. Regardless of the occasion, our taste and aptitude, combined with a ground-level grasp of a brand, ensure that we produce the oomph factor. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a specific project you’d like to discuss.

We Bestow :
Assured Quality – We go to great lengths to assure appropriate cutting, exact color reproduction, and high-quality printing, deliver you with assured quality work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – With our highest level of customer service, a 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided.

Great Value – Under this company, we have all digital solutions, branding solutions, and printing solutions, all offering great value.

Timely Delivery – We will be there for you when you need us the most and will give you our undivided attention and timely delivery.

We ensure to create strong brand identities of what symbolizes your brand. Because, as we all know, design plays a vital role in the creation of all the products.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Branding is not as easy as you think. You need good and expert professionals to achieve your goals. We can proudly say that the Design Studio team has years of experience, in delivering all your branding needs. We are committed, dedicated, and deliver what you wish for. Just give us a chance to serve you once.

+1 (682) 331-1495